Friday’s Wrap Up

Here are 4 articles I came across this week I thought could be helpful. Hopefully you’ll find at least one nugget to help you grow as a leader.

7 Dumb Manager Mistakes – Darryl Rosen

According to a recent CareerBuilder poll, 58% of managers received NO training before starting the job.  Of course, even smart, well-trained managers make dumb mistakes. However, the difference between dumb managers and smart ones is that smart managers notice when their salespeople are unmotivated and their workers are uninspired. Smart managers work at making small behavioral changes, one step at a time, to correct common management mistakes that are having a negative impact on their and their team members’ performance. (Read full article)

30 Ways Your Business Should Leverage Social Media This Year – Daniel Mbure

Social media is big in business circles and every business is scrambling to implement social media strategies to take advantage of this new opportunity. If your business is not already on the social media bandwagon, you still have time to create a social media strategy and start getting social. (Read full article)

Inspire People To Change – Paul Thornton

Leaders not only challenge us but also inspire us to take action. Some leaders post quotes in their office as reminders to inspire themselves and others. Here are a few examples. (Read full article)

Yes…You Can Be Creative! – Mark Miller

I’m amazed how many leaders I encounter who say, “I’m not creative.” When I hear this, it actually energizes me, because EVERY human being on the planet has the seeds of creativity within them. After studying and practicing the disciplines of creativity for over 30 years, I’ve concluded that the realization of this untapped potential is only three steps away. (Read full article)

2 Responses to 'Friday’s Wrap Up'

  1. It seems to me that a successful hospitality business or just successful hospitality begins with the upfront and the obvious upon peoples arrival to the front door, their room and their first meal.
    Ridgecrest does an adequate to good job at the first two.
    The door greeters and meal ticket punchers are cattle herders who are off putting and rude.
    After this stymying greeting one walks through the food line to receive food that is poorly presented looking left over, over cooked or watered down for stretching a budget.
    Considering this, the cost per meal is not justified.
    Glaringly, several people informed me that Ridgecrest has a reputation for poor cafeteria food. I don’t believe this is a reputation that Ridgecrest and it’s executive staff desire.
    It’s also a very uncaring detached message to send to guests.
    On the contrary, the grill/deli and ice cream staff are efficient and friendly. Btw, the food in the grill/ice cream deli is ten times better than the cafeterias.
    Some guests opt out of eating at Ridgecrest all together, given their poor reputation for food, and go into Black Mountain for meals.
    God calls us to present excellence to His people for the Glory of His Name. The food at Ridgecrest is far from excellent (or even good).

    • Byron says:

      Thank you for your feedback Joel. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to let me know of your recent experience at Ridgecrest. I apologize that our food service in the dining hall was not all that it should have been. I have already forwarded your concerns to our leadership team at Ridgecrest and I will discuss these concerns with them next week.

      Thanks again for reaching out and sharing your experiences, both good and bad. You are absolutely correct in that we are called to serve with excellence and that is certainly my heart and that of our staff at Ridgecrest. Hopefully you will give us another opportunity to serve you in the coming months. It would be our pleasure!

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